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Social networks are experiencing a problem. well I still have a book to finish. The desire to see her pretty face and those funny tweets and the way my brain would get wired gee! I guess I will get it from the book.

I am liking the break though! Perhaps its an era of the blogs.

There is a difference between road rage and sheer madness. This video was taken by the CCV camera for a garage in Bloemfontein Andries Pretorius Street.

This jaywalker is hit by the taxi, the pedestrian then gets out of the way into the side walk but the the taxi follows him and knocks him down injuring him at the proccess.

What follows next is buflling to say the least, the Taxi driver, Aggrey Mojanaga, 43, who recently appeared in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on a charge of assault, gets out of the mini bus and kicks the pedestrian while he is he is staggering strugling to get up from the ground.

This video is going around the world and the world is shocked at the brutality of this society. The assaulted pedestrian was hospitalised, but has been discharged.

The worst thing to see in this video is the big guy standing and watching this rage unfolding without moving a finger.

Police are investigating the driver of the taxi with the registration number DHK 506FS

Download Video »» http://t.co/oMfEoNw4


LOL This headline reminds me of a duel between Arethra Franklin and Michael Mc Donald the lyrics goes like this “I see the clock upon the wall but it don’t bother me at all” This song just jumps into my head when i read this heading as i am reminded of how woman really take ageing seriously, they take it so serioulsy they even wanna lie about it or constantly ponder on how they have changed or find ways to conceal it by make up and so forth.

We males on the other hand don’t really pay much attention to this particular detail, perhaps a reason why we don’t find it difficult disclosing age or even look younger than our counter female partners in the first place. I also realised that between Arethra and Michael the person who really didn’t mind about the clock is really Michael and this song is a classic as it constantly reminds us of the harsh reality that we don’t have time in the world.

I self am ageing and realise that out of most things i can change, this one is out of my control, so embracing the inevitable outcome is best. Aging is not decomposing its got its perks, I feel stacking, validating, and ticking time is neglecting all the beautiful things one gains by ageing like wisdom.

By constantly looking to see if we still have that shine in our faces is putting brakes on what we should be enjoying. Let go of the brakes and release that tension by engaging yourself, its never too late to study or finish a book. This way i concure, will make time pass as it should pass us, blissfully fast.

Brief history of the Ndwandwe

I will now give you an instalment of the Ndwandwe clan’s history which links to amaShangane and amaJere. The Ndwandwes are a subgroup of the Nguni people who populate sections of Southern Africa. King Zwide was the chief of the Ndwandwe clan from about 1805 to around 1820 and he was the son of Langa, a Ndwandwe Chieftain (that is why the Nxumalos’ praisename is Zwide kaLanga or Mkhatshwa). He was ambitious in expanding Ndwandwe supremacy and was a prominent rival chieftain to Chief Dingiswayo of the Mtetwa as mentioned before.

Dingiswayo’s famous general and protege, King Shaka of the Zulu Kingdom was also his great rival. Around the time Zwide became Chief, the Ndwandwe were growing in military power. Legend has it that Zwide’s mother, the Great She Elephant Queen Ntombazi was an Isangoma (witchdoctor). Zwide, like Shaka sought to expand his borders, and in 1818 he had destroyed the power of the Mthethwa Kingdom and overran the neighbouring Khumalo Kingdom and executing their King Mashobana KaMangethe his son-in-law. However MaShobana’s son and heir Mzilikazi escaped from the Ndwandwe and sought refuge with Shaka.

Remember that Shaka had also reformed the remnant Mthethwa clan under his rule. Zwide knowing this, planned to destroy the Zulu Kingdom in order to secure Ndwandwe domination of Zululand. However in 1820/5, he led his army into battle against the Zulu at the Battle of the Mhlathuze River. Unfortunately for Zwide his forces were crossing halfway across the Mhlathuze River when the Zulu forces attacked, the Ndwandwe army was scattered but Zwide wasn’t killed in that battle. Shaka and his impi then set out to go and kill Zwide before news had broken out that his (Zwide’s) army had been defeated. When they approached the gate they were chanting Zwide, Zwide, Zwide making them think it was their army aproaching the gate. and thus gained access. When they entered Zwide’s homestead they outnumbered his royal guard and killed Zwide. After King Zwide’s death, the Zulus marched to the Ndwandwe capital attacking it and taking the Ndwandwe by surprise.

The Zulu victory was the beginning of the Mfecane or the scattering. Zwide’s generals fled North establishing their own Kingdoms, such as the Gaza Kingdom formed by General Soshangane. Soshangane is the redoubtable chieftain who broke away from the hegemony of Zulu King Shaka and carved out a Nguni empire of conquest (Gasa or Gaza) in what is now modern-day Mozambique. Allied with the remnants of the Ndwandwe tribe in 1819, Soshangane fled after defeat by Shaka. He moved north into Mozambique, absorbing or conquering numerous followers. His army overran the Portuguese settlements at Delagoa Bay, Inhambane and Sena, and he extracted tribute from the Europeans. A punitive expedition sent by Shaka to liquidate his former rival was seen off in 1828, and Soshagane consolidated his empire. After the death of Soshangane around 1856, Soshagane’s empire was embroiled in succession disputes.


The final ruler Ngungunyane, was defeated by the once tributary Portuguese in 1895, and the Nguni Gazan empire collapsed. Soshagane, it must be said, is one of a number of outstanding figures that rose to prominence during the Mfecane.

The other military commander of the Ndwandwe army was Zwangendaba kaHlatshwayo, (c1780-1848), head of the Jere or Gumbi a Ngoni clan, which itself formed part of the larger emaNcwangeni alliance in what is now north-east KwaZulu-Natal. As mentioned above, in 1819 the Ndwandwe alliance was defeated by the Zulu army under Shaka at Battle of Umhlatuze River, near Nkandla. Many of the Ndwandwe fled, and over a period of about 20 years Zwangendaba led a small group of his followers north through Mozambique and Zimbabwe to the region around the Fipa Plateau, between what is now Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. That is why we also have amaShangane in Giyani which are now about 1.5 million but this group is called amaJere. In this region he established a state, using Zulu warfare techniques to conquer and integrate local peoples. Following Zwangendaba’s death in 1848, succession disputes split the Nguni people into five groups, some of whom moved to new territories. In Malawi, there are the following Nguni groups: Jere Ngoni of Mchinji under paramount chief Mpenzeni (whose actual residence is close to Chipata in Zambia) Jere Ngoni of Mzimba under paramount chief M’Mbelwa Maseko Ngoni of Dedza under paramount chief Kachindamoto and Kachere Maseko Ngoni of Ncheu under paramount chief Gomani Maseko Ngoni of Cholo under paramount chief Vumbwe It is interesting too that this breakaway after the defeat by Shaka led to the formation of the Swazi people whose clan name is Dlamini. That is why the Swazi people dont use the letter “Z” in their language unless they absolutely have to. The Mfengu who do not consider themselves Xhosa albeit they speak isiXhosa also came out of this break away as so does the AmaHlubi whose language is semi Xhosa-Zulu.

Authored by Musa Xulu
Edited by Tim Nxumalo

Zwide kaLanga!
Mkhatshwa! Ndwandwe!
Sidinana samaphisi
… Mthondowethusi
Othunda kuthole
Bathi bekhatshwa ngezinde,
Wena ubukhatshwa
Nina bakwaNkokhel’abantu,
Nina bakwaMnene!
Nina bakwaMashesh’afike
UNozinyanga engakafiki.
Nina bakaNobhongoza!
Mnguni ongafi ngomkhonto,
Nogwaza bengahlonyulwa!
Sandla sivik’umkhonto
Kade ungigwaza Ndwandwe

Ake sikhe na la!

Ndwandwe,zwide kaLanga,Mkhatshwa,Okhabangezinde nezimaqhukubezana,Nkabanhle,Wena wase Gudunkomo,Wena owasezikhotheni ezingakhothi ngamlomo ezikhotha ngomkhonto kaZulu,Nkomo ayihlatshwa uyothi ungayihlaba yophe amasi njengo mbhelebhele,Sandla sivikumkhonto ngehawu,Hlubi,Sandla simnene,Somaphunga,Nkokhel abantu behlatshwa njenge zinkomo!

Swati version
Vovovo ongadliwa zinyoni nezithi zimudla zibe zimcokozeyeya lakhanya lijaha lakhanyisa kwenhlavu yeyanga maphondomakhuyu kuzayizinja zenkosi conco kasakazi umnguni lomuhle yedwa yongadli inhlanzi ngobe yabuyaya Ngungunyane wena yongadli inkukhu ngobe uthi siphandamazaya wena lothumba bantu njengezinkomo jaha lelabona impi yemshada yazisuzeya bakhaya bososhangane bathi bayeka mnguni nansi mpi i ingena wabengathi bakuthintile engani wahlaba emadoda abhodlisa kwezinkomo wena lonuka bunandi kupheya nxumalo..

Ake ngikukhothise ezinkambeni zamakhosi noma ungumfokazane nje.

Wena wase gudu, wena wase gudu nkomo, ngoba wagud inkom ingena thoka, Umlindwa,mlindwa wezindaba onga hlulwa, duna lika ndaba nduna lona elahlaba amampondo asavela, mzukwana ka ndiziya mahohlo, inkaka eyakhala emini kwalo baba, nkaba ye nkosi, sitja soku bunjwa, zingana le ndlovu, Ulisongo elikhala lodwa, kodwa laba fokazana alila emabili,sdina dinana esa dina ababelethi wanyanyu UZulu, Mkhatswa onga khathwa ngo nyawulunye nezinde zinfushane,bakudli gazi lakho bayo bola amathumbu,

UmNguni onga bhekani nelanga athi angalibheka licime, duna lika Soshangane elinga lohlokolozwa, lithi linga hlokolozeka alibayeki liba guduza amathumbu. Ndwandwe angikwazi ukuk qeda, ngithi mangiku bhekile, bese ngiya thuthumela, kanti Uyingani eya phume zinguyini zami.ikhwezi elimnyama emhlohlweni ukuzo bukeya abazingeli bezindlovu,kodwa nabo bayakulibona bayoli hlokoyoza, mhaye sengwane ngokwenza kwezinduna ngo kwenzakeye, ngoba inkosi cha! sekuphangiwe ngayo izolo eshayimithi,lapho uspenenyana waphuma wa phangazeka akhumbuya mzukwana kanyafoko, ukhoyanyana naye sambona esezoyazoya phezulu, kwama kayinge wadla amadoda kwakufanyana wanyamayaya, babane duna lika Soshangane masinda ngokuthubeya, bayethe! wena Somaphunga, bayethe!

Somankulumana, bayethe! wena mashesha ukufika kwamaShobana uNozibuko engakafiki, bayethe! wena Soshangana,bathi uSoshangane ngoba wa shang imizana yabantu, bayethe! wena Ngungunyana okade angungunya abafazi namadoda umganu owahlume mini kwamandlakazi kuthi mantambama uyahohloka, mnandi ndaba wase mantanganini, nyama mnyama kwaba uthuli sitja salolanga sabunjwa.Ndwandwe!

Bathi umNguni ongabhekani nelanga, athi angalibheka licime ngoba ( u Zwangendaba wawela iZambezi ngo 1825 kwabamnyama ezweni (Total eclipse of the sun in 1825) ebhembhuluka njengomlilo ebhele Tanzania kusha kwasani endleleni yabo.

Sengiyani yeka mina
Sdlubula dlwedlwe sebhubesi esdabul ikokela zabathakathi,
Umkhonto kawuqedwa kungafafi maqhawe.

uZwide wehlulwa ngoba thina sasingakazalwa!!



Right now you are young, your youthfull hue sits on thy skin like morning dew You are beautiful with many prospects to choose from. Gifted with a brain so fresh you can persue anything that you wish for and achieve it.

We live in a country where drinking is idolised and associated with a good time, power, wealth and class. Drinking is an old habit that was only associated with man and old woman, it was part of celebrations cultural events and a sign of happiness.

Today it has been cormmercialised and those who take up to this habit are prejudiced by the media and their circles into believing its an “in thing” to do.

But not many years from today you will start feeling and noticing that you are no longer that cute and your brains won’t be this sparkly. Not only that booze kills your brain cells but also the fact that, it takes that dew, that youthfull hue, that shine in your face and leave you looking ten yrs older than you really are, especially woman with poor diets like students, studied agree that There is a greater incidence of alcohol misuse in woman with eating disorders, especially bulimia, than in the general population.

There are other Harzadous results associated with being a binger, taking a resolution is great but not enough, what lies underneath a resolution is the need to be pure and full of self esteem and most of all avoid the dangers that will catch up with you in a short run.

This desire is only quenched when you actually act on your resolution. Acting on your resolution has many benefits like that feeling that says “i am great because i can discipline myself.”

Once you have achieved that great feeling all other senses will come back to you, like “i deserve better” (pride) “I am beautiful” therefore (deserve a king) “i am trully matured” (for i have conquered a devil)

All these factors are not to be taken lightly because we human beings are weak and prone to living with excuses which is a manifest of our frail imperfect nature and therefore self motivation like reading this insert will give us that spect that should keep us strong.

“I have seen a lot of unpleasant things happen since I came to UKZN,” explained a female student. “Drinking certainly alters the way people act, along with the way they think and make decisions. I have been fortunate that none of my friends have ever been hurt due to drinking, but I have heard plenty of stories of people who have been hurt because of drinking, in many different ways.”

Life is not like a box of chocolate, its more like a jar of chillies what you eat today can come back to haunt you tommorrow.
Drink on knowing the things you have foregone.

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Igazi lomphefumulo wami liyoma,
Inhliziyo yamehl’ ami iyaqaqamba,
Isiyalu sezinyembezi zami siyayaluza
Ngemigilwingwane engiyibuk’ igilwa;
Kungabe kangibonisisi kangicabangisisi-
Ntombazi, sisize ngezintombi zakithi!

Ngalezinwele zami ngiyaziqhenya,
Ziqadile zingamaqashane ngiyaziqhenya,
Ngezinwele zentokazi kaNdwandwe ngiyathatheka;
Zinjengemamba izisongile ehlozini,
Uma kukhona ozozondayo yingoba ezithanda-
Ntombazi, zisize ngezintombi zakithi!

Ngomlomo wami unjenje nje ngiyaziqhenya;
Ngezindebe zentokazi kaNdwandwe ngiyazibinya;
Zithandeka njengezindoni zivuthwa;
Ngakho ngezitaputapu mazingabhizwa-
Ntombazi, sisize ngezintombi zakithi!

Ngiyokhomba bani ngith’ udadewethu?
Ngiyokhomba bani ngith’ intokazi kaNdwandwe?
Isiyalu sezinyembezi zami siyayaluza,
Isiphiw’ esinqala sobuthina siyaguqulwa-
Ntombazi, sisize ngezintombi zakithi!

Prof O.E.H. Nxumalo

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Bhasobha Umthakathi

Bhasobha umthakathi, ungomunye wethu. Abaningi uma becabanga umthakathi kufika kubo isithombe sendoda embi emnyama eqhwakele ukhophe kanethi, iyagcogcoma icathame iphume ingena phakathi kwamabibi izungeza imizi yamanye amadoda. Iyakhwifa, iyaphonsa ibixa bixa izinsizi emagcekeni amanye amadoda. Bhasobha umthakathi ngolimi lwakhe uyaheleza anifake idunga muzi, aniphixaphixe ngolimi lwakhe olumbhaxa mbili. Uhleka kuvele elomhlathi ebe songa amasongo aka goqanyawo esiphundu sakhe. Ukuhambha kwakhe akuqondi nezinkolelo zakhe zingeze, nokudukisa noma ubani ofuna ukuqonda. Inhliziyo yakhe imnyama igcwele intukuthelo namaqhinga. Bhasobha umthakathi uzonihangula njengomlilo ngamacebo agcwele ekhanda lakhe.

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Ever wondered how facebook and twitter make their money? The answer is simple free labour and free content and its all coming from you. “Lmao” yes we all log in, upload our raunchy pics just to fatten these networks.

They rip you off when you see that nice chick that yu think you should checkout, they rip you off when you download and tag pics and they rip you off when you click on their adds.  Ever wondered how much they make from your photos, from your mudslinging debates and even your gossip.

The fact is we are all hooked and we are benefitting nothing but a few sluts and a group of drunkars who love swearing in public.

Social status messages that are constantly sick or depressed can be contagious.

Ever realised that in your pool of social networking friends there is a this one contact that is constantly posting status messages that reads thus; “Headache” “Ulcers” “Hangover” 😦

Social contacts need each other to keep smiling and laughing, a friend who is always in your pocket or bag.
Contacts that post such messages are denying their friends a chance to be humorous and charming so as to keep them on a good mood.

Its very difficult to be all jolly with a contact who evokes your sorry and sad emotions. Choice is an act carried under your own will, the status topic of my contact is not my choice, but posting these sickly messages brings me to a position where i should make choices about them.

Status messages are reflections on ones feelings and emotions which in itself can be an indication of many things, like your health, your activities of the day, your future prospects and your fears in general. As a contact one can develop a cyber connection which is rather not very far from normal feelings one would accumulate for a person they met on the street, because whether we admit it or not we get attached to the people on the other side of the screen.

Even at work or at home, keeping up with someone who is always saying i have a headache can really start to deter you and change your mood everytime you think of this particular individual(contact), i compare this to listening to someone who is always negative, it can change you or make you feel you should avoid them. So in this case you might start developing the headache yourself or avoid this negative attitude. Social media is not a normal life i must add, what you say influences the way we think about you and ourselves, otherwise we would not be attached to you or keep up with you if you were not part of the things that would manipulate our thoughts, which in return affects our moods and the way we feel about ourselves.

Before you post your physical condition on your status you first need to rate your pain, remember as human beings we all have pain one way or the other, some more than others. Yes sharing your emotional pain with someone can make you feel better, but a headache is a matter handled well when is shared with a physician or a healer.

We all want our friends to get better, getting better means becoming strong that will only happen if our environment is also strong.
Working with electronic print is a health hazard which is addictive and can cause things like migraines and eyes related sickness. Wearing prescribed eye glasses would help but taking a break from social networks is common and you don’t loose your friends or tweeps during your absence.

This lifestyle is here and is part of us now, we can accommodate the things that work and quickly discard the bad habits as we are putting our health on the line and could disfigure ourselves for life.

Roar Africa Roar

It is withouth doubt that the world as we know it has changed, if you need evidence just follow this Blog. Here i stand in the African soil reaching out to the world throught this Blog, I hope you feel the warmth of my words and the message of hope.

I am a first time blogger and this page appearing on your screen is my first statement and i welcome you all.

Listen to the cries of the wild.
Ever spent a night in the true wilderness and listened to the sounds of the wild animals.

Creepy crawlies, the howling of a Jackal and the sounds of the dogs, the hyenna laughing at a witty leopard.
The tok tokie bettle as if beating an African drum, in the transluscent of a full moon, calling to females and the king of the jungle takes his share of the cries and Roar for his pride.

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