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LOL This headline reminds me of a duel between Arethra Franklin and Michael Mc Donald the lyrics goes like this “I see the clock upon the wall but it don’t bother me at all” This song just jumps into my head when i read this heading as i am reminded of how woman really take ageing seriously, they take it so serioulsy they even wanna lie about it or constantly ponder on how they have changed or find ways to conceal it by make up and so forth.

We males on the other hand don’t really pay much attention to this particular detail, perhaps a reason why we don’t find it difficult disclosing age or even look younger than our counter female partners in the first place. I also realised that between Arethra and Michael the person who really didn’t mind about the clock is really Michael and this song is a classic as it constantly reminds us of the harsh reality that we don’t have time in the world.

I self am ageing and realise that out of most things i can change, this one is out of my control, so embracing the inevitable outcome is best. Aging is not decomposing its got its perks, I feel stacking, validating, and ticking time is neglecting all the beautiful things one gains by ageing like wisdom.

By constantly looking to see if we still have that shine in our faces is putting brakes on what we should be enjoying. Let go of the brakes and release that tension by engaging yourself, its never too late to study or finish a book. This way i concure, will make time pass as it should pass us, blissfully fast.


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  1. please don’t talk to me about wisdom:-) blissfully fast, yeap, that’s my target. Thank you for your comments; the truth is I have already written three books and I am on my fourth now. Enjoying it as much as living back in Greece., trying to find the balance between ‘real’ world and ‘fantasy’. I like your writings here and I will be glad to read future blogs of yours.

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