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There is a difference between road rage and sheer madness. This video was taken by the CCV camera for a garage in Bloemfontein Andries Pretorius Street.

This jaywalker is hit by the taxi, the pedestrian then gets out of the way into the side walk but the the taxi follows him and knocks him down injuring him at the proccess.

What follows next is buflling to say the least, the Taxi driver, Aggrey Mojanaga, 43, who recently appeared in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on a charge of assault, gets out of the mini bus and kicks the pedestrian while he is he is staggering strugling to get up from the ground.

This video is going around the world and the world is shocked at the brutality of this society. The assaulted pedestrian was hospitalised, but has been discharged.

The worst thing to see in this video is the big guy standing and watching this rage unfolding without moving a finger.

Police are investigating the driver of the taxi with the registration number DHK 506FS

Download Video »» http://t.co/oMfEoNw4


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