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Social status messages that are constantly sick or depressed can be contagious.

Ever realised that in your pool of social networking friends there is a this one contact that is constantly posting status messages that reads thus; “Headache” “Ulcers” “Hangover” 😦

Social contacts need each other to keep smiling and laughing, a friend who is always in your pocket or bag.
Contacts that post such messages are denying their friends a chance to be humorous and charming so as to keep them on a good mood.

Its very difficult to be all jolly with a contact who evokes your sorry and sad emotions. Choice is an act carried under your own will, the status topic of my contact is not my choice, but posting these sickly messages brings me to a position where i should make choices about them.

Status messages are reflections on ones feelings and emotions which in itself can be an indication of many things, like your health, your activities of the day, your future prospects and your fears in general. As a contact one can develop a cyber connection which is rather not very far from normal feelings one would accumulate for a person they met on the street, because whether we admit it or not we get attached to the people on the other side of the screen.

Even at work or at home, keeping up with someone who is always saying i have a headache can really start to deter you and change your mood everytime you think of this particular individual(contact), i compare this to listening to someone who is always negative, it can change you or make you feel you should avoid them. So in this case you might start developing the headache yourself or avoid this negative attitude. Social media is not a normal life i must add, what you say influences the way we think about you and ourselves, otherwise we would not be attached to you or keep up with you if you were not part of the things that would manipulate our thoughts, which in return affects our moods and the way we feel about ourselves.

Before you post your physical condition on your status you first need to rate your pain, remember as human beings we all have pain one way or the other, some more than others. Yes sharing your emotional pain with someone can make you feel better, but a headache is a matter handled well when is shared with a physician or a healer.

We all want our friends to get better, getting better means becoming strong that will only happen if our environment is also strong.
Working with electronic print is a health hazard which is addictive and can cause things like migraines and eyes related sickness. Wearing prescribed eye glasses would help but taking a break from social networks is common and you don’t loose your friends or tweeps during your absence.

This lifestyle is here and is part of us now, we can accommodate the things that work and quickly discard the bad habits as we are putting our health on the line and could disfigure ourselves for life.


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